Privacy Policy

Crypto Privacy Policy-

Everyone wants to invest their valuable money in the perfectly right options. Don’t you want to secure your money for your future days? Yes? What are you waiting for then? You need not actually get confused when you have an option to invest your money in the cryptocurrency. Such an option has now become very much popular these days so as to do the digital transactions with more convenience and easiness. It is broadly used by the traders who usually use the cryptography so as to secure their online transactions along with controlling the creation of some extra units.

What is Crypto Privacy Policy?

The crypto websites are committed to protecting the personal information of their customers and thus, you need not get worried or confused while thinking about investing in such cryptocurrency. Surely, the websites need to fetch or maintain some of your personal details but these details are just for their database and perfectly maintained records. You may get confused or worried about some of the different questions such as, what information we collect, how we collect the information, how we use such information, right? If you are also thinking about such questions then you can now release all your possible stress and worries as the cryptocurrency is one of the best options to invest your valuable money in order to secure your future and your personal information will never get misused in any of the possible ways.

What and which kind of personal information being collected by us?

Are you thinking about becoming the trader of cryptocurrency? Yes? What are you waiting for now? You need not wait anymore as this is the best choice that you can ever make. Cryptocurrency has now become a perfect trading platform which is offering the best opportunities to the online trading companies or the well-established businesses. It is a platform where the traders can now easily resolve all their common issues. You can now also get the worthy advisory services. Usually, we collect the information being provided by you to our portal including your full name, address, mobile number, email id, date of birth, risk tolerance, investment experience, and much more. We also track the information related to your online transactions including your account trading/history, or the trading activities.

Why do we collect your information?

Generally, you may get worried about your information being collected by our portal but actually need not get panic. We have different reasons to collect your personal information. One of the major reasons is that we need to maintain our database and records for which we have to collect your information. We disclose your information only for the purposes being disclosed to you and for nothing else. We don’t force any of our users to provide us their information as we always work only after getting valuable consent. We also focus on getting your consent in a perfectly legal manner so as to ensure you about your protection.