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BinaryCent Trading App Reviews: With the help of the internet, we can do a variety of tasks and if you are interested in trading then you should also try online trading. Nowadays people are getting associated with online trading because they do not have to go anywhere and they can easily check out their progress from their computer only. Today we have a platform for you which is newly established and it is the one which can definitely give you a true experience of trading online and that too without any kind of scams. BinaryCent is an online trading platform which is established in 2017 only.

This is a trading platform which is maintained by a very reputed management company known as Cent project limited which is a subsidiary of Finance Group Corporation that is based in Vanuatu. Their head office is located in Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu. On the second floor, you will be able to locate the office. This platform not only specializes in providing binary options trading services but it will also provide you forex and contract for differences(CFD’s). This review on BinaryCent Trading Software will give you the needed information about this place and you will get to know the right information only. This review will prove to be beneficial for you and can definitely trust it.

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Online Forex & CFD Trading Platform For Traders:

The trading platform which is adopted by BinaryCent Trading is a platform which is exclusively developed for the Finance Group corporation and this is the reason that this platform is having many similarities with other trading platforms using by related brands. Here you will be able to see e some extra benefits and features as well. It is a web-based platform which can easily be accessed through up to date browser. This is a very good thing about this platform that no one has to install any kind of software in their computers and they can easily open the website and login to their account to trade.

You will not have to do any kind of work and just open your web browser and login to your account easily and safely. This platform can work in a very efficient way for you and it also comes with various trading tools that will definitely help you a lot. It is having trading charts and Technical indicators and other features as well. The user interface is very friendly and you will definitely have fun when you will start using this platform.

Mobile Trading Software System:

If you do not like to trade from your PC then you can also do it with your smartphone or tablets by easily downloading the mobile trading app from the App Store or Google Play Store for Android devices. We know that everyone does not like to trade on a laptop or personal computer and this is the reason that the makers have also provided every customer a trading app so that they can easily check out everything from their smartphone also. You will be able to get this mobile app for free and it has the same basic functions as a web platform, the only difference will be the size of screens.

Trading Accounts Offered On BinaryCent Trading App:

Every client can have different needs and this is the reason that they have provided three different types of trading account. The three different trading accounts are as follows:

Bronze trading account –

In this account, you will have to make a minimum deposit of 250 dollars and it will also provide you a 20% deposit bonus. You will be able to get live chat support also on this account. 1-hour withdrawal is also given to everyone.

Silver trading account –

In this account, you will have to make a minimum deposit of at least $1,000 and you will get a 50% deposit bonus here. You will also have the support of live video chat and one-hour withdrawal here also.

Gold trading account –

In this account, you will have to make a minimum deposit of at least 3000 dollars and here you will get a 100% deposit bonus. You will get the support of live video chat and one-hour withdrawal also. In this account, you will be able to get three risk-free traders and a personal manager as well. This one is definitely the best account for everyone and now you have to make your choice.

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Pros of using BinaryCent Online Trading Platform:

Many advantages are there if you will choose this platform for your trading.

  • Here you will be having a wide range of acid available for your trade. You can easily trade in Bitcoin and a number of altcoins both in binary options.
  • It is an incredible hybrid trading platform with a very nice user interface which will make you understand about useful features very easily.
  • Almost all the payment methods are available for you to deposit and withdraw funds from this platform.
  • All the transactions will definitely be secure when you will do them on BinaryCent.
  • Your personal information and your activities will never be recorded and an end to end encryption is also provided to you for security reasons.
  • It has a very advanced platform which is having lots of features which will definitely prove to be very much helpful in your trading and you can get a boost in your profits.

BinaryCent Trading Program Reviews:

David Hamill, 45 years – The experience of trading on BinaryCent has been really awesome. I was completely a newbie in this market but after coming on this platform I do not feel less than a professional trader. This is the place which has helped me a lot to grow and it helped me in increasing the number of my profits and I have not faced any kind of issues while using it and in the beginning, I also tried contacting customer care people. They were very humble and helpful which made be a very good trader now. I would definitely suggest this platform to many of my friends because it is worth using.


There are so many factors which makes this platform an ideal trading platform for every intraday trader. You can definitely trade in all asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, stocks, and market indices as well. BinaryCent Online Trading Software is the best and secure platform for you because you are having all the features on this place and you will also not have issues regarding the user interface of this platform in any way. Many people are already using this platform to increase their income and they are not having a single issue with this platform so you should also join them and make your life successful as well.

It is just like a heaven for all the traders and this is the reason that it is chosen by so many traders all over the world. If you also want to step in the world of online trading then this platform can definitely be the best choice for you because your experience with this platform is going to be great and there is no doubt in that. All you need to do is just to register on this platform by just filling some basic details about yourself and then you can also enter your payment details on the platform so that you can get fully registered on this platform and enjoy trading.


Q. How quickly can the funds be added to my trading account?

The funds will be easily available for your training immediately once we receive a confirmation from our payment system.

Q. What are the conditions for withdrawal?

The minimum amount which is allowed for withdrawal is $50 and for security purposes identification of the person is also necessary for all the withdrawal irrespective of the withdrawal amount.

Q. How quickly my withdrawal request will be processed?

All the withdrawal request on BinaryCent on are processed within 1 hour and verification mail take longer time if the client will not submit all the requested documents and time. All the procedures are done with complete security and full verification so time depends on that only.

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Q. How can I close my BinaryCent account?

You just have to email them and request them to close your account. You will be receiving a confirmation message when your request will be completed.

Q. Is BinaryCent completely secure?

Yes, this platform is completely secure for training and you do not have to worry about any kind of frauds. They will provide you a complete end to end encryption and you will be able to easily transact your funds into your account without any kind of security issues.

Q. Is Binary Cent completely suitable for beginners?

Yes, this is the platform which is done after lots of thinking and the owners he designed it in such a way that you will be able to quickly understand everything. You will also have the support of customer care people every time and you can definitely ask any kind of question to them and they will definitely solve it for you. You will not have any issues whether you are doing trading first time or if you are already a professional. All the users will have the best experience.

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