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What is CCG Mining?

As the popularity and investments in cryptocurrency increased, so did any companies and software dealing with them. CCG Mining was one such company found in the year of 2016 when cryptocurrency was in its boom period.

It is an international organization which is here to offer to you carious various comprehensive and evaluative solutions based on the very famous blockchain technology. It has been more than a year that this company has been into existence, as so far it has reached the trust and acceptance of about 10,000 private clients and about 135 business clients.

So far, the company has launched several contracts and made a lot of promises and claims. But we still have to figure out whether these statements should be trusted upon or not.

CCG Mining

Read the following articles which reveal a lot of observations about this company, and then make a rational decision.


Dealing with cryptocurrencies is often a matter of extreme risk. This is so because of it prone to a lot of hacking methods and some people are still unaware of its proper functioning. Making trading decisions, people come across many products and companies and want to know their reviews beforehand so that their money does not go down the drain.

Similarly, people have also wanted to know about the reviews of CCG Mining and whether or not they should go ahead and mine their bitcoins with this company. It is actually good that people are careful enough before making a conclusion about such a company and then deciding to trade.

So let us see if CCG Mining is actually a company which helps you mine bitcoins, or whether it belongs to the category of that majority of companies which just eat up the money of their clients without giving any benefits in return.

Although the company was started in 2016, it appeared online for the first time around somewhere in September of 2017. The site is registered under the name of a person known as Anna Metelska.

To some people, this does not make any sense and often gives rise to suspicion. Because the company should have been registered under some name which was related to bitcoin or trading. That would have been definitely more acceptable and less suspicious to the real agendas of CCG Mining.

The principle by which CCG Mining goes is ‘we make it easy for you’. By this, CCG Mining means that they will look after all the hustles and mess related to setting up and taking care of running a mining rig. For this function performed, a small amount of fee is charged by the company, which will be discussed later in this article.

how CCG Mining

As stated above, the company offers to provide you comprehensive solutions using blockchain technology. Although the main office location of CCG Mining is situated in Poland, there are reports that CCG Mining also has its operational stations in many other countries like Great Britain, Czech Republic, Latvia, Austria, and Russia.

Obviously, CCG Mining is having to face a high degree of competition from other crypto- mining companies. Apart from this, it is also known to have been going against some historically established principles which have been visible in increasing the level of mining difficulty.

When it comes to mining difficulty, it is reported that this is increasing at a large pace with passing years. What gives rise to this difficult is that the fact that there is a high degree of speculation and a huge demand for bitcoins. With high demand, the price of bitcoins goes higher. And with this established, the mining difficulty level rises.

But in relation to other coins, the mining difficulty of bitcoins has been increasing irrespective of its price and demand, So no matter what the price, it is assured that this difficulty level will keep growing and growing as months and years pass by.

What is different and good about CCG Mining is that there is no mention at all about ICO. Many of the companies do have a call for his, but now, most investors are done with ICOs. The serious investors who are looking for trading in bitcoins no longer have the will to place their money on ideas which have low chances of being sustainable.

From the look and design of their website, it looks like CCG Mining is a very professional company. Their homepage is very attractive. From many resources, it seems like CCG Mining will stick to implement all that they have stated on their website. It seems like their ideas and goals are very clear and logical.

But this cannot be counted as an appropriate criterion to judge their efficiency and reliability.

There are also many photos on their website viewing their team. This team consists of a total of six people who are said to be the in charge of operating and managing the operations of the company.

What you should know

There are a total of 3 different contracts which CCG Mining is out there offering you. If you have a desire to be the owner of a mining rig, then this company claims to have the comprehensive solutions for you.

If you wish to be a member of cloud mining, and at the same time have the desire to own a mining rig, then there is a contract for that as well. Check out the official page of CCG Mining for details.

Before going for and making decisions about any of the 3 plans, it is important that you verify them out and make sure that CCG Mining sticks to what they have promised.

On the official page of CCG Mining, you will find details about the minimum investment which you need corresponding to each plan. There is no proof or results as such which compare and contrast these plans to that offered by other mining companies.

But there has been observed one basis of comparison. This is the hashing power levied by the company in your hands. A comparison between CCG Mining and some other mining companies have revealed that CCG Mining gives you more hashing power in comparison to other companies corresponding to the same amount of investment.

This is maybe because the company has found some strategy to keep their cost profile less while at the same time, offering more hash powers to the clients.

One more factor to be considered is that all contracts are ‘open-ended’. What this means that the contract will remain in existence for only as long as it is profitable.

The fee that is associated with the various functions and operations is clearly stated on their website. The company claims that they want to be very transparent in these matters and not keep any charges hidden from the people.

Any testimonials for authenticity?

Testimonials from previous customers often prove to be highly beneficial for people in making decisions f=or reaching conclusions about investments.

These give a guarantee to traders and customers that their money is in safe hands.

As far as CCG Mining is concerned, testimonials from customers are lacking. There is only a high level of advertising found on the internet regarding the reliability and authenticity of CCG Mining. The testimonials are still nowhere to be found.

One logical explanation for the lack of testimonials is that the company is still on its baby stage so there are no testimonials available. But, at the same time, the company claims to have a high number of private as well as business customers. That being stated, it is hard to believe that of all these customers, not even a single one has been willing to give a proper experience working with CCG Mining.

Some advice for you

The final conclusion here is that nothing can be said so soon. These mining companies have been trying their way best to get more clients and sell more contracts. Since there are testimonials missing, we personally would not advise you to go for CCG Mining.

It is better that you keep looking for other mining companies and try to use your own approach as a way of making an investment or trading decisions.

The classy and shiny appearance of CCG Mining cannot be a way to judge the level of dependency we can instill in them. In a lack of proper evidence to support what CCG Mining has to offer, it will be wise enough to wait and watch over time if the company is actually giving what it has promised.

Cryptocurrencies and their investments always come with a huge risk involved. They do have the potential to make you earn high profits overtimes, but, at the same time, they can also make you lose each and every penny that you had invested.

CCG Mining offers

So, it is in your best interest that you stay updated and informed about the current market conditions at all times. This will ensure that you stay away from scams and frauds, and make as many profits as possible.

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