Crypto Software Scam – Must Read If You Are Starting Mining

CRYPTO SOFTWARE – This is a new advancement in technology, being an automated trading software. It is developed by Thomas Green and his team. In recent times, this development of theirs has gained high popularity. Crypto Software is the ultimate guide to cryptocurrency.

A minimum amount of $250 is required if you want to have access to this software. This is linked to the fact that bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency have seen a high rise in their values in these recent times. The profit turned by Crypto Software in 24 hours is as heavy as $1770 to $5490.

Is Crypto Software a Scam?

Cryptocurrency has gained high popularity over time. More and more people are investing in cryptocurrency. This gives them a chance to make profits online. Although this comes with a huge risk, as cryptocurrency is highly dynamic and one should be prepared to lose each penny invested.

There are various channels available to people who want to trade in this virtual currency. These channels include ICO as well. However, not all channels are valid to do this.

As part of the news, there has been found that a number of scammers are out there selling low-quality softwares for trading in cryptocurrency to traders. This is one reason we cannot trust Crypto Software.

Crypto Software

It may be a scam, or it may not be. We do not have any solid proof for any of the two statements. But let us wait and watch with time and we will find out the answer.

It is important to note that this development by Thomas Green and his team has nowhere reached a success rate of 87% or even close to that. Hence, it is not a trading software which will be magic to you and help you make $5000 in less than or in 24 hours.

It is widely said that Crypto Software only fakes to be one of those revolutionary softwares which will make you rich sitting right on your sofa. But this is not the case. This is not the reality. People claim this to be one of those fake, scam software which will do nothing but eat up your money.

Why is Crypto Software called a Scam?

It is very important to know that trading in cryptocurrency can be dangerous. There are millions of scams that you can be victimized into. There are hackers which can steal all your money. And since, there is no physical record and all transactions are anonymous, that all you lost is not recoverable at all.

If this is the first time that you are reading about a trading software which promises you high dreams, then let us tell you. This world does not exist on magic. There is no such software ever made which can make you a millionaire or turn your $250 into $1770. If this was the case, then everybody would be playing in money now.

These exaggerated claim of profits are nothing but a series of hoax for all the victims. 90% of these scams are blacklisted in many systems all over the world.

These softwares are there to entice the fresh traders present in the market. Due to lack of knowledge, these newbies get caught in the trap of these scammers and lose a lot of money. This is why it is important that you stay informed about these scams and stay cautious of them as much as you can.

The approximate rate of accuracy is only about 50%. And obviously, this is a very low enough rate to risk your money. When people have used these softwares and found it a scam, they have been advised by financial companies and institutions to close their accounts as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean that you will completely stop trading. This is because there are certain softwares on the market which are actually genuine and help you get a luck in online trading. But it is crucial that you stay wary of softwares like Crypto Software.

On what basis do we say that Crypto Software is a scam? There are many reasons for us being skeptical about this. One of the major reasons for as follows.

The developer of the software, Thomas Green is showing us a warning sign himself. According to what he claims, the company of the software was formed about 7 years ago. And during this period, Thomas claims, he has been able to earn insanely high profits. This is the reason that he is setting up to make public a public version of this online trading software at the rate of $3999 on a monthly basis.

On the other hand of this announcement, he is giving away the software for free to about 77 users to use it as beta testers. Obviously, this is sure to make the whole thing seem a bit senseless. This is one reason why this software is not being entirely trusted for its efficiency and worth.

Apparently, Thomas Green has come out to be a false character. According to some reports, he is hiding the entire time behind an anonymous identity. According to reports, Crypto Software is not even found to be one software encrypted under Device authority! The company is not a trading company or a software company, in fact, the name of Thomas Green is not even there on the board of directors. And amazingly, neither is he found to be the founder of this so-called trading company.

This is a very highly visible fact now that Crypto Software is working under a hidden and false identity. This elaborates to us why the trading software which is being promoted by audio narrators including fake stories over and over again fails traders and makes them lose money. It is definitely not a genuine company nor an authentic person and identity that is actually trading the market.

False results and Testimonials

It is explained briefly above that it is not possible to make thousands of profits in just a matter of 24 hours. And any such software that claims you such a promise is nothing but a hoax.

In reality, around 10 to 20% growth in profits is definitely possible. But higher than that? An absolute no!

The people who have chosen as beta testers of this software were observed for the authenticity of this software product. It was found out that many of them were merely just actors who were reading the scripted lines given to them. It is very true they these victims are just doing their jobs of acting. But what they are unaware of is that this false company is taking their help to steal millions worth of money from the public in future.


Crypto Software is not the right option for you. If you want to make the profit online, then it is better you do manual trading than depend on a software which is just planning to eat up all your money. Even if you are new to the cryptocurrency market, we advise you not to fall into traps of these easy way of making money. After all, hard work will always pay you genuine results.

If you really want to rely on softwares for the purpose of online trading, then it is advised that you check out all the softwares available out there and read their reviews before making any decision of purchase.

How else can you trade in the market effectively with ease?

In order to gain high profits in a short span of time, you can rely both on manual trading as well as automatic software trading. For this, you just have to be cautious of the product authenticity.

There are actually auto trading softwares available which operate successfully on the trading algorithm and make the trading decisions on your behalf. You just have to be careful about the fact that you do not fall into traps of false softwares like Crypto Software and lose all your money.

Use the softwares which have been used by people in the past and those that have a high success rate. Avoid using the poor quality, scam products like Crypto Software.

If you do not want to depend on software and prefer manual trading instead, then that is definitely a better option as t involves low levels of risk of getting into a scam. There are manual trading signals available which update trading signals on a daily basis, to assist you in the process of trading.

This comes accompanied by many details such as the asset price and details about its trends, also the expiry dates of these assets. Hence, all this information will assist you in making a rational decision before taking any step in trading.

So it is better that you don’t depend on any software or any false hopes. You and alone you are key to your own success when it comes to trading in cryptocurrency. The key to making more profits is staying updated and informed always.

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