Bit GPT is an automatic cryptocurrency trading robot that helps users to buy bitcoins at a lower rate and sell them at a higher price. It claims that users can generate profits of $1500 per day.

In this post, we will discuss if Bit GPT is a platform that does what it claims or not. We will see the background information pertaining to the robot, how it works, and what other things to pay attention to.

If you know even a tad bit about cryptocurrencies, you might have seen some advertisements in which it is written that a particular automated robot made someone a millionaire. In some ads, it was also mentioned how users were able to pay off their debts through the profits generated at this software. But along with the other hoax news, what is the status of this one? Read the entire article to find out!

Please note that the whole post is done in a Q&A format, which will be easy for you all to understand. If you’re a beginner at the electronic trading scene, we recommend you to read this Bit GPT review word by word as if you miss something here, and it might end up in a loss there!

So let’s get started!


Bit GPT Trustworthy?

In this case, allow us to give you a straightforward, yes! According to the test conducted by us, this automated cryptocurrency trading system did what it claimed. This is the reason why it was assigned a win rate of 90%.

Every good automatic trading crypto bot should have a win rate of >70%. Bit GPT certifies this criterion, which makes it one of the very best choices available while trading automatically. Moreover, the whole system is very transparent and doesn’t hide a thing about its brokers and legal registration.

Also, Bit GPT has been one of the best softwares in terms of profitability, which corresponds to its high win rate. Apart from this, we are also confirming that Bit GPT is also very legitimate in a sense that it has partnered with excellent and trustworthy brokers. All these stances prove the legitimacy in this software’s favour.

  • 90% winning rate is pretty satisfactory in this industry.
  • Our test concluded with $304 profit with an investment of $140.

What Exactly goes in the Working of Bit GPT?

Bit GPT is an automated cryptocurrency trading software. However, what differentiates this one from the other is that the functioning here is due to sensing of specific signals instead of algorithms.

Bit GPT being an automatic software doesn’t require any human effort or input. It can analyse big data in milliseconds which surpasses any sort of human capability. Because it examines this big data in such a short amount of time, it is able to sense the signals where the trade would turn out right. As such, it is always ready to make enormous profits for its users on every deal.

Moreover, the software information on its official website also states that because the win rate is so high, users can make thrice the amount of profit than the initial capital. Precisely, an experienced trader here can make as much as $1500 every day. But for this amount to be created, one has to wait until he gets accustomed to the automated trading.

This, however, does NOT mean that beginners can’t generate profits here. Scroll further to find out how newbies can also make profits.

Now, as an informed individual, this question is supposed to be asked whenever you’re about to invest in automated software. We say so because there are platforms which haven’t proven themselves in terms of profitability and have rendered losses to investors.

We Made Some Profit;

Bit GPT is a legitimate one because as per the test conducted by us. it was observed that they could make almost $304 in 6 hours for initial capital of $140. This is why it was given a win rate of 90%, which makes us conclude the fact that out of 100 deals, it can successfully generate profits in 90. How cool is that?

Moreover, as checked at the TrustPilots, maximum possible reviewers have written that they were able to make profits with Bit GPT. There certainly have been some complaints with the software’s customer service but nothing that an investor should be too worried about. About 80% of people have reported a pleasant experience with this crypto bot.

Also, something that Bit GPT excels in is transparency. If you have any queries as a user, you can put them up, and they will present their side of answers to you. Also, the information mentioned on their official website is 100% legitimate. They have also partnered with good brokers with proper regulations. This is why we claim that this platform is reasonable enough for you not to hesitate while investing!


How to Open an Account on Bit GPT?

Oh, so did we convince you to try this trading bot? Well, that what we’re here for, providing legible information and everything you need to know before the hands-on experience. Now that you are aware of the legitimacy of the platform, let’s take a look at the registration process here:

  • Go to the official website of Bit GPT by clicking here:
  • Navigate on the signup page.
  • Now enter all the necessary information such as your name, email, contact number etc. Set a password with good strength and enter Next.
  • Voila! You just created your very own account at Bit GPT.

If you don’t like elaborated signup process, you’re in luck. Here at Bit GPT, it takes almost no time to create an account. All you need is to fill these three details. Moreover, account creation takes place instantly without any approval procedure. We can also assure you that the information that you enter at this platform is very safe. This is because it is SSL encrypted, which means that every data is under encryption and can’t be sold in the black market.

As soon as you create your account successfully at Bit GPT, you are matched with a broker that handles and facilitates your transactions. We can assure you that this software has made sure that its brokers work under strict and regulated conditions. This ensures the safety of the deposits. This is also the reason why you would choose those trading bots which have reasonable regulations over partnered brokers.

How do I begin trading at Bit GPT?

Well, the answer depends on what’s your level of trading. If you’re a good trader, you might want to skip the next paragraph, but if you’re a newbie, read every line possible.

Demo Trading: An excellent option for beginners who have no hands-on experience of automated trading on crypto bots, and they should always choose this option first. This option helps the user to familiarise himself with all the procedures of live trading, and as such, the user gains knowledge before trading with real money. However, the profit that you make in this mode is not real and must not be accounted for your earning.

Live Trading: For this method, to begin with, you have to have an eye at market news to follow periods of high market volatility. These periods are apt for capitalisation. However, you do not perform anything else apart from switching on and off the robot. The whole process is automatic as it utilizes the high-end technologies of Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning. This is why trade execution and research carries on its own.

Let us first tell you that there are no actual fees for activation of the account. But you have to deposit a minimum amount of $250 to begin using this software. This amount is the trading capital which you can use to place the trades and earn profits. The transactions that you make are 100% secured, and the information you enter is safe.

Moreover, the whole process of deposition takes place a few minutes. The methods used for making such a deposit include Visa, MasterCard. Maestro, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin. The diversity of payment methods puts the user at great ease, and this also supports that Bit GPT is one of the most preferred platforms.

What if I still face some problems while trading?

Bit GPT has a reliable customer service team that would be ready to help you at any stage of your trading process!


This is the type of question that you should always pay attention to. Let us elaborate a little on the features of Bit GPT that other platforms don’t provide:

  • Registration: The 1 step Registration makes this platform simpler. You need to fill basic information to register. After that you need to verify your email account. Unlike other platforms, Bit GPT provides an easy verification process. The process here is easy and secure and doesn’t involve elaborate and lengthy questionnaires at all.
  • Withdraws/Deposits: Moreover, if you’ve used any of the other cryptocurrency trading platforms, then you would know that not all trading bots provide the facility of quick withdrawals. Interestingly, here the withdrawals are processed within 24 hours whereas elsewhere it almost takes as long as 7 to 10 days.
  • Fees: There’s no fee for trading.
  • High Winning Rate: According to the research made by us, experienced traders can make a payout of $1500 here. Beginners will be able to make $700 in 24 hours in their initial days. Although for newbies, the 90% win rate claim doesn’t hold true, they too after some time will be able to make the profits mentioned above. It is important to note that these payouts are not guaranteed by other platforms where the win rate is not high.
  • Trustworthiness: The brokers that Bit GPT has partnered with are excellent and reliable and as such, can be trustworthy. This is because they function under strict conditions and follow proper regulations, which is certainly not the case with other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Is there Something else I need to know Regarding Bit GPT?

There are a few things you must keep in mind while trading on any automated cryptocurrency trading robot, which are as follows:

Even though the idea of automatic trading sounds cool, there do exist some risk factors. These risk factors depend on the direction of market forces. If it is descending in a direction where trade isn’t likely, you might face losses even though the mentioned claim rate is high. This is why it always advised using that much of an amount which you can afford to lose. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, you should still trade with the minimum $250.

Moreover, it is also very essential to keep withdrawing the profit that you’re making. This keeps your money safe in case some hacking or other sheepish activities take place.

In case of Bit GPT, as per the reviews at Trustpilot, the customer care service was not on point which might create a problem. Therefore, always research before you trade and take the necessary precautions before every step!

Pros / Cons:

  • Trustworthy and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • Excellent reviews from users globally.
  • Demo mode for beginners is available.
  • Customer care service is available in case of any problems.
  • Strict regulations for brokers.
  • Quick payouts and Withdrawals.
  • Customer service is not that good.
  • Market risk factors can’t be avoided.


Who founded this platform?

Bit GPT was founded by John Quigley. He is an ex-Wall Street Trader. Moreover, he also is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a professional analyst. Since he is a high-frequency trading guru, his platform is also very keen on making the maximum of profits.

He also offers some educative courses on trading in cryptocurrency. These lessons are available for absolutely no charge. But as a matter of fact, one can avoid these even if they’re beginners as the software is fully automatic.


If you’re still wondering what our final verdict about this platform is, then let us confirm it with a big YES. The facilities of demo trading, auto live trading, strict regulations on brokers and SSL encryption are some points one should always keep in mind while selecting any crypto bot, and Bit GPT certifies all such criteria. You shouldn’t hesitate before choosing this one and watch your money increase!

However, we always stress the fact that you must always do a minimum investment and trade of $250 and keep withdrawing the profits that you make to keep yourself away from any unnecessary stress of market changes causing you a loss. Once you become a pro with less money, you can invest more and earn higher profits!

So are you ready to begin trading with Bit GPT? We believe that you certainly are!

Do you have something to say about Bit GPT? You are welcome to do so in the comments section below!


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